Most reliable precursor model for earthquake detection,
magnitude and location prediction first time in the World.

Solar activity triggers earthquake and Volcanoes. EWGLEH model (Early warning for global and local earthquake hazards model) is follow Solar activity for earthquake detection. and for prediction of magnitude and cal locations. For real time detection kindly visit ” The day of Earthquake” page. EWGLEH Model is discovered and developed by Pravin Bagga. It’s solely and individual research by him. The major contribution for the World. Global and local advantage of this model.

Some basic Points of This model

To known the information of future seismic activity in earlier, there are four main points to know :-

  1. An EQ may take place or not?
  2. Time or Date of the seismic activity.
  3. Magnitude of the seismic activity (for Earthquakes).
  4. Location of the earthquake.

Some main points of this research Model :-

  1. After monitoring the probability of earthquake, the earthquake occurs after 5 to 6 days of the detection date at any corner of the world with the same magnitude or more or less magnitude specified in the event details.
  2. In this seismic activity all the three types of seismic activity (1) Earthquake (2) Tsunami and (3) Volcano are together mentioned, which is the main benefit of this research Model.
  3. Some of the important places are there from where we can detect these events.
  4. If there is block out in one location, then it is possible that there will be poor or strong detection in many other places.